SMC Gallery_073.jpg
SMC Gallery_068.jpg
SMC Gallery_069.jpg
Winnie the Pooh birthday cake - tree stump and beehive
Three tiered buttercream wedding cake with edible gold leaf and florals
SMC Gallery_072.jpg
SMC Gallery_070.jpg
SMC Gallery_071.jpg
Unicorn cake
SMC Gallery_067B.jpg.png
Two tiered red velvet wedding cake
SMC Gallery_065.jpg
SMC Gallery_064.jpg
SMC Gallery_063.jpg
SMC Gallery_062.jpg
SMC Gallery_061.jpg
Jungle animal party birthday cake
Drip cake with flowers
SMC Gallery_066.jpg
Beanie Boo birthday cake
Science themed cake
Pink striped cake topped with marshmallows
Double barrel cake with hand painted fondant leaves and dinosaur topper
Chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream topped with caramel drip
Pink and purple themed cake with hand painted gold squares
Christening cake with buttercream ruffles
Animal party birthday cake
Two tiered moist chocolate birthday cake
Black Forest cake topped with torched meringue
Animal party covered with fondant leaves
SMC Gallery_046.jpg
Lavender buttercream with painted gold detail
Semi naked birthday cake for a 30th
Birthday cake with flower arrangement
Chocolate birthday cake for a Grey Goose fan
Coconut cake with coconut buttercrea
Unicorn cake
Two tiered vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream for an 80th birthday
SMC Gallery_053.jpg
Unicorn cake
SMC Gallery_039.jpg
SMC Gallery_019.jpg
SMC Gallery_038.jpg
SMC Gallery_022.jpg
SMC Gallery_035.jpg
SMC Gallery_032.jpg
SMC Gallery_025.jpg
SMC Gallery_037.jpg
SMC Gallery_024.jpg
Two tiered semi naked wedding cake
White and green themed baby shower cake
SMC Gallery_020.jpg
SMC Gallery_023.jpg
SMC Gallery_012.jpg
SMC Gallery_029.jpg
SMC Gallery_018.jpg
SMC Gallery_027.jpg
SMC Gallery_017.jpg
Cake for lovers of purple
Strawberries and cream sponge cake
Red Velvet cake filled with cream cheese buttercream
SMC Gallery_009.jpg
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